Christmas photographs

I have been setting up my Christmas sessions for a while now and I'm already booked up on quite a few dates. I thought I would put up a little post to let you know what you can expect from your local baby photographer this Christmas! I've gone all out and purchased a number of backdrops...
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A photographers fee

I've been asked the question time and time again, why are some photographers more expensive than others? I have answered this countless times, so I decided it would be wise to write a post and clear it up.

There are two different types of "photographers" in the world. There are the kind...

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Tee Pee Building

  • tee pee

Since I was being super productive today and had all of my work done by 11am, I figured it would be fun to make a new prop. I’ve wanted to make a teepee for a while. It took me quite a while to get the sticks to stand up, and they are going to need a little reinforcing before I use them with little ones, but I put this tee pee together to take a picture and see how it’s eventually going to look. I absolutely love it! The ruffles are so cute and girlie. I can’t wait to get a toddler outside under it in a beautiful white dress and take the perfect photograph. I guess I could use this as a newborn prop too but I feel it’s going to be better suited to babies who can sit up by themselves. Now i’m inspired to make a hessian tee pee for little boys to enjoy too. I can see a challenge brewing!

Vintage suitcase

  • vintagecase

As many of you know my now, I’m completely addicted to buying props. This is an item I’ve wanted for so many months and after trawling through ebay, antique stores and the likes, I got nowhere. Sure, they had suitcases but they were either too damaged, or just reproductions. I wanted an original vintage case and believe it or not, they are very difficult to find, so I’m really excited to have one! Everybody that knows me knows I’ve been on the look out (I’ve had everybody else searching too!) and at a show I was at lately, a friend pointed out a stall that had vintage cases displaying her jewellery. I honestly didn’t think she would let any of them go, but when I explained what I wanted it for, she sold one to me. The one I purchased is so perfect! It definitely needs a little airing and cleaning before I put a precious little baby inside, but it will be ready to head over to the studio soon!