Christmas photographs

I have been setting up my Christmas sessions for a while now and I’m already booked up on quite a few dates. I thought I would put up a little post to let you know what you can expect from your local baby photographer this Christmas!

I’ve gone all out and purchased a number of backdrops which will be arriving any day now. These range from a snowy landscape outside that we can get your little ones dressed up on, to a warm and cosy fireplace surrounded with your favourite holiday decorations. I have sleighs in all shapes, sizes and colours. A beautiful christmas gift box that your little one can hide in, and a santa sack just big enough for your toddlers or newborns to curl up in. Whether you want the pictures to turn into Christmas cards, or make an adorable gift for your family that they can treasure forever, Nilla Photography have you covered!

Whilst I’m on the holiday subject, I have had a number of parents contact me asking where I’m based. Although I’m a newborn/ baby photographer based in Hull, I do have clients in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Leeds, York and surrounding areas. I’m also considering opening up a mini session day in a few areas where I will book a number of clients in and come down to you. The first locations to be released will be Llanelli and Swansea in south wales. If you would like a baby photo session in these areas, contact me for info on the dates.

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