Tee Pee Building

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Since I was being super productive today and had all of my work done by 11am, I figured it would be fun to make a new prop. I’ve wanted to make a teepee for a while. It took me quite a while to get the sticks to stand up, and they are going to need a little reinforcing before I use them with little ones, but I put this tee pee together to take a picture and see how it’s eventually going to look. I absolutely love it! The ruffles are so cute and girlie. I can’t wait to get a toddler outside under it in a beautiful white dress and take the perfect photograph. I guess I could use this as a newborn prop too but I feel it’s going to be better suited to babies who can sit up by themselves. Now i’m inspired to make a hessian tee pee for little boys to enjoy too. I can see a challenge brewing!

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