The Photo Session

We ask that you book your photo shoot with us as early as possible (as soon as you know you’re expecting is ideal) so that we can pencil in your due date. We know that babies rarely come on their due date, but this will give us an idea of when to expect you. ¬†Our best photos with newborns occur between the 5 and 8 day mark, and we always aim to shoot during this small window. This is the time where your baby will be very sleepy and easy to curl up (as they have done in the womb).

On the day of your session, we ask you to feed baby when you arrive at our studio, or just before leaving the house. This will give baby a full tummy and he/ she will be ready to fall into a deep sleep ready for their session.

Our studio will be warm for your arrival, and we will ask you to select some blankets and props you would like to use (if these haven’t already been chosen before hand), and we will place heat mats on the props so that they are nice and warm for baby. We will ask if your baby is using a soother, and if so, we will keep this on hand in case baby needs settling between shots.

Once baby has a full tummy, we will sterilize our hands and undress baby and place him/ her into a wrap. We will then take over and settle baby whilst you relax (unless you wish to do this yourself) and begin our photo session.

Many new parents are worried that baby may make a mess whilst we are shooting nude pictures. Don’t worry, we are prepared for this. We use disposable bed mats under the blankets to protect any props that can’t be thrown into the wash, and we always have clean up items near by.

Mummy and Daddy will then be free to enjoy a tea/ coffee, fresh fruit juice/ soft drink and snack of their choice. If Mummy is breast feeding, we just ask that she stays nearby in case baby needs a top up.

Unfortunately we do not allow other children to be on set during one of our newborn photo shoots (unless we have previously agreed to shoot them together). Your newborns safety is the highest priority to us during your session, and we can’t allow any distractions.