Here at Nilla Baby photography, we have a number of props available to use during your session.  All of our props have been chosen/ built with safety in mind. All of our fabric props that are likely to be in contact with your baby are washed between every photo session in non biological detergent.

All of our basket/ boxes are weighed down so that even though they may look very light, they won’t overturn when baby is placed inside. We will always have a “spotter” on set to keep an eye on baby. Whether this be an assistant, or Mummy and Daddy. This person is always at arms length of  baby.

If we are placing baby inside a prop (box, sleigh, bucket etc) we will always place soft cushion pads or blankets inside, so baby is always comfortable. These props are always disinfected in between every photo shoot, in case baby’s skin does come into contact.

We have a number of items available to you. If you want to bring your own, we do allow this however we will ask you to notify us before hand. You do use your own props at your own risk, and if we feel that it isn’t safe to place baby inside/ against the prop, we won’t set up the shot. We can usually tell you if this is the case before hand.